Commlite Auto-focus Mount Adapter EF-NEX for Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony NEX with IS Exact Exposure

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  • Auto-focus function. Aperture exactly being aligned via the mount adapter
  • Built-in is function
  • Gold-plated pins brings the great conductivity of signal transmitting



Specification: Commlite Auto-focus Mount Adapter EF-NEX for Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony NEX with IS Exact Exposure







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‎12.45 x 11.18 x 5.59 cm, 453.59 Grams

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Includes Rechargable Battery


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Item Weight

‎454 g

13 reviews for Commlite Auto-focus Mount Adapter EF-NEX for Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony NEX with IS Exact Exposure

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  1. ali

    Writing honest review if this product,this product is very smart and light for these sony a6XXX users as its compatible for auto focus,its takes some time to reach the camera’s actual focus capabilities but it does the work,I attached the canon 50mm into this and it works very good.packing of the product was good,with extended warranty of 6 months(total 1 year + 6 months extended by seller ),I think if cared well ,this will work very efficiently.i think this is best adapter for buying under budget against other options available in market.i will attach other lenses too and post updates.

    Thank you to the seller.

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  2. vishwas

    Not working in my Sony camera this is very cheap product

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  3. H. N. Shankar

    Works quite well. Focussing is difficult sometimes when one needs to move to manual mode. I am ok with this given the price at which it sells.

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  4. ashley

    Lens mount is waaaaaay too tight. On some of my lenses it almost feels like you need a wrench to mount it. This is annoying sure but it’s also dangerous to your camera. At the production house where I work we also have 4 metabones smart adapters which are made somewhat differently but they also have this same problem that the lens adapter is way too tight. What has happened over just a few months with those is we have gotten some very small metal shavings which have landed on and scratched the image sensor on one of our Sony A7s cameras. We had to replace the entire camera!! I mentioned that the two adapters are built differently but I was able to fix this problem on both of them.

    Fix for Commlite adapter: I removed the thin metal piece that acts as a washer almost between the chrome plated brass lens mount piece. For whatever reason that worked and the lenses slide right into place and lock perfectly… Well almost perfectly, there’s a tiny bit of rotational play when the lens is locked into place. It’s annoying but at least I know I’m not putting my entire camera at risk for sensor scratches and I’m not grinding down and damaging my lenses.

    For metabones adapter: This is a much more permanent solution, I simply (actually it was pretty tough) bent back the small and thin curved pieces from the same washer piece. Those curved pieces are what put tension on the lens mount when mounting a lens. Bending those back made it easy enough to mount lenses now. I’m not sure why that same trick didn’t work on the commlite but it didn’t do a thing, I think that washer like piece is just too thick on the commlite.

    Having said all that with all these hassles I still don’t think there’s a better option out there. It works as everyone else described, really slow auto focus but you get aperture control that works flawlessly. Image stabilization woks great and it also works in tandem with the image stabilized sensor of the A7ii. I also have a $15 lens adapter for Canon EF to M 4/3 and it mounts perfectly, really surprised these guys haven’t gotten the correct dimensions and are still shipping them with these known issues.

    Oh and I also removed the stupid rubber little pieces on the threaded tripod mount and it’s much better (although really really bad still) as a mount for tripods. They should have used the metabones method of two screws to keep it in place instead of one finger tightening screw method. Really doesn’t work well at all.

    Hope that helps!!!

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  5. Shihab P.

    Just received commlite ef /efs to nex adapter, try to use with Sony a7ii but I can’t mount the adapter with camera. How can I fix adapter with camera?

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  6. Aman Dwivedi

    Great product. Works very well. Been using it for a while with my gear and fully satisfied !
    Buy it without any thought

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  7. sunita p.

    Awesome product for Sony users. Must use it and then say about your review. Autofocus works excellent. Heavy product.
    Gold plated.

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  8. Manu A S

    Not recommended

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  9. Photoshare

    The Commite adapter is an affordable gem when it comes to mounting full-frame Canon lenses on Sony’s Full-frame A7, A7r, and A7s cameras. It passes through electronics so that the camera can control aperture, shutter, focus – and stabilization also still works – at least with the lenses I tried (70-200mm F/2.8 IS and the 24-105mm F/4L IS). Autofocus while using this adapter will be slow, but that’s the same with any of the Metabones adapters ($300-$400) as well. I have noticed a little bit of light leak that seems to be a common problem with these type of adapters,but there are quite a few very quick and almost free DIY solutions on the web to reduce or prevent it from happening. It only seems to happen when the sun hits the adapter/lens combo from certain angles. Again, this has been a problem even with expensive adapters,so no points taken away for this. I have also not had any communications issue while using it with different lenses, though it is always a good idea to turn off the camera before changing lenses.

    If you plan to use this will full-frame lenses on your full-frame Sony camera make sure to get the “EF” version which is for full-frame lenses. They do have another model that is designed for cropped sensors (APS-C).

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  10. Jarvis

    DO NOT BUY!!!! Unfortunately, in my latest wedding, I realized too late that something was off. Although I did multiple tests with my new A7sii, it didn’t occur to me that I needed to make sure the Commlite adapter worked outside of it’s electronic communication with the lens.

    I found out (after reviewing my footage) that the Focal Flange of this adapter is off! I also own a Metabones adapter for my original A7s. With every lens, 5ft on the focus ring on is in focus about 5ft away. 10ft away is in focus about 10ft away, etc. I figured I could save money this time since I knew I wouldn’t be switching lenses too often.

    With this Commlite adapter, 10ft is actually way past infinite focus. 5ft is actually 10ft and 2.5ft away is about 7! This is VERY important when flying on a Freefly Movi at f2.8

    Shooting on a Canon 24-70mk2 at f2.8 at 24mm set to 10ft, all of my wide shots on my Movi were out of focus. It’s a shame because I really need to trust my focus ring numbers when using my Movi.

    You get what you pay for. I just purchased another Metabones.

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  11. D SANJAY

    auto focus after this adapter is slower.

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  12. Chadwin Smith

    This adapter works pretty well with my Canon mount Tamron lenses. Do not count on using any sort of auto focus, you will be disappointed with it’s speed and hunting. However, it works great for changing your aperture. No light leak. Firm mount on camera body and lenses. Sometimes, it stops working, but if I quickly dismount and re-mount it to my camera body it comes right back up and works. I really only use it for shooting video, so auto focus isn’t important to me like it may be to photographers.

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  13. Joe/Peggy Ligori

    Got this to use with my a6000. I bought a Sigma 70-300 AF lens (Canon mount) thinking I would have a lens I could mount and use with aperture control and auto focus. The first few times I mounted the adapter and the lens the a6000 would not recognize it. After several times of turning a6000 on / off and remounting adapter and lens it finally recognized it. It then would allow aperture control and would run the auto focus system BUT clear focus could not be achieved. Maybe 1 out of 20 times would the auto focus actually be in focus. The system would ‘hunt’ for a long time , finally settle in and the a6000 would show ‘in focus’ (sometimes) but the image was not even close to being in focus. With the adapter the lens would manual focus just fine. I finally gave up on it and returned the adapter.

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