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  • Active noise cancellation for immersive sound
  • Transparency mode for hearing and connecting with the world around you
  • Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a customisable fit
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to the shape of your ear
  • Easy setup for all your Apple devices
  • Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri”
  • The wireless charging case delivers more than 24 hours of battery life

Specification: Apple AirPods Pro


‎Apple Computer

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‎10 x 10 x 4.5 cm, 250 Grams

5 reviews for Apple AirPods Pro

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  1. Nilkamal Pandey

    I will suggest please don’t bye any Apple product from amazon….Because if you received any faulty piece they will not take any responsibility for it…..”Because it’s amazon policy, you need to contact manufacturer for any Apple product related issue” told by amazon customer care.
    I have ordered airpods pro from my iphone(through mobile app)….no such return policy is mentioned over there; though it is there in the website. I guess amazon should maintain the mobile application in a better way. Don’t try to fool the customers.
    I received my airpods pro on Monday(14th Sep) and after unboxing I can see the lid of the charging case is kind of lose….it is sliding left and right and making a weird sound….such kind of issue is totally not acceptable for a earphone costing more than 20K…..but unfortunately I can’t return it because of the policy….Thank you Amazon for your support….

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  2. Roshan Ravi

    This review is based on my usage for about 3 hours in a few different listening environments

    1. I went to a coffee shop
    2. Went to a really noisy Railway Station
    3. Wore it while driving the car in Transparency mode to test it out.

    Verdict :
    Decent pair of noise-canceling earphones. Okay-ish sound quality. Great convenience.

    Should you buy it?
    It depends on what you are willing to pay for convenience. If you want to buy great sounding earphones, don’t buy it. There are much cheaper alternatives. But these are convenient and comfortable.

    Full review below:

    Great fit – It fits snugly in your ear and creates a good seal. You can also try different tips and software uses internal microphones to figure out if it is a good fit. However, I found that both Medium (which it came with pre-installed) and the small ones all were a good fit for me.

    Decent Noise Cancelling in such a tiny package. The noise-canceling in AirPods doesn’t completely block out the outside noise. I think Bose and Sony headphones do a better job at that. But I would prefer these little ones over the others for long usage because of the comfort. There are air-grills at the back of the earbuds that reduces the pressure that would otherwise build up in your ears when wearing In-ear earbuds and even tight headphones.

    Thee transparency mode is interesting. I used it while driving for a very short period of time. There weren’t many people on the road, but it was nevertheless noisy. The transparency mode on AirPods kind of flattens down all the screechy horns and sharp noises. It is stereo in that, you can hear sound from left on your left and the right one on your right ones. It will even give you a sense of location where the sound is coming from to some extent, as long as it is nearby. I had to quickly take it out to make sure that I get home safely. I won’t trust this to replace my biological binaural ears that I am born with. 🙂

    Sound quality is okay and noticeably better than the normal AirPods. AirPods aren’t exactly known for their sound quality, to be honest. There are much better sound wired earphones that cost a fraction of the price in the market. However, where AirPods shine is when it comes to convenience and comfort.

    AirPods Pro does a better job of creating a wider soundstage than the normal AirPods. They don’t sound like it is coming from something inside your ears but from something outside of your head. But the moment you turn on the Noise Cancelling, there is a noticeable dip in the quality of sound especially the sound stage. The bass will become muddier than it already was with Noise Cancelling turned on.

    But are they really bad at sound quality? No. It’s just not 25k good.

    But let’s be honest. You are not buying this for the quality of sound. It’s convenience. You open it up next to your iPhone and pair it and it is already available to use with your Mac, iPads, Apple Watch, and any Apple device that can play audio or make calls.

    There is nothing else like this in the market.

    Who is it going to be useful for?
    Introverts, I guess? I want to block out people chattering about their lives, about work, the workplace gossips, loud people in the coffee shops and malls and replace it with some podcasts or music. These are great for that. This will also come in handy when I travel occasionally in flight as this will definitely block out the engine noise but won’t hurt the ears as Sony headphones did.

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  3. Dipesh Joshi

    One of the best Product, I paid ₹17,999 for Airpods Pro and this is what I got from Amazon, ₹500 china airpods, with full of disco lights in it..
    Every time they delete my review this is 5th time I’m writing review..

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  4. Varun S.

    I got the delivery at my hone on 8th March 2020 while I was travelling.

    I can back on 16th and opened the box. Have sparingly used as in a lockdown. Only used it to listen to music and to record voice notes.

    Suddenly yesterday it stopped recording voice notes. I can hear through them but it can’t sense my voice. Even tried making a call but the other person can’t hear me.

    Sad purchase. Don’t know if the product is poor quality or I am sold a defective product.

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  5. Gaurav Maratha

    After much deliberation I went ahead for the purchase, kudos to amazon for quick delivery and that is where the good part ends.
    Ordered on 29th of July, Got the delivery on 30th. Opened the package and started using it, the sound quality is quite good. However, noticed that within 2 hours of listening to music the battery went down to 30%. Thought of completing the cycle, however again faced the same issue. Tried couple of basic steps, after which decided to give a call to Amazon as it was within 10 days of initial purchase.
    Guess what… Amazon directs you to manufacturer. No 10 days replacement policy with these. I was quite surprised and today being Sunday the manufacturer lines were closed for the day. Let’s see how good Amazon and Apple live upto the service expectations. Will update the review again.
    Called up Apple at 6:50 PM after completing the office work, and as luck would have it got to know that timings mentioned for contacting Apple were incorrect. Due to Covid, they have modified their call centre timings to 6:45 PM. Called up Amazon, told them that timings mentioned by you are incorrect heard back apologies due to discomfort.
    Next day called up Apple in the morning, spent about 45 minutes trouble shooting with them. Got the iPhone iOS updated (never knew it has to be done manually… always received OTA push). Anyhow, disconnected and then went through the charge and discharge cycle again with same result, getting 2.5 hours of music time as compared to 4.5 hours per Apple. Called up Apple support again, they recommended I visit their Support centre and the technician would physically trouble shoot.
    That is where I requested politely for complete replacement as I was within initial 10 days. Apple support rep was kind enough to issue a ticket and they sent a one time valid link to my email.
    Now, I called up Amazon rep and got disconnected 2 times after explaining the issue. The 2nd rep asked the email to be forwarded as a screenshot to amazon customer care email id which was incorrect. The 3rd rep whom I got connected gave the right email id and asked the email as is to be forwarded. Upon forwarding the email, the rep then confirmed by clicking on the one time link with case id from Apple.
    Now, post all this circus, Amazon issued a box level replacement in 24 hours. A delivery boy came with the new box and picked up the earlier ipod.
    The new one gives entire 4 hours of music time.
    I have Jabra 75t also, which gives easy 7 hours of listening time, however, Apple Airpods has the best convenience when you are a power user and toggle between different Apple devices.
    Overall, I can say all is well if it ends well with the replacement but with a lot of follow up and emails.

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